mine equipment, combines for strip and subsurface mining
special machinery for subsurface mining
hydraulic and mechanical supports, metal prop profiles
conveyer belt systems rubber conveyer belts, steel cables
equipment for breaking and preparation of coal
diggers, bulldozers, special wagons, high-pressure hoses
ventilation and air-conditioning systems, devices protected against explosion
Power plants
boilers and burners (PBS-ABB) for different kinds of fuel
complete supply of power plants (using petroleum products, gas or coal)
turbines (SKODA), and equipment for heating and hydroelectric power plants
devices for control, measuring and automation (ZPA), devices for control and measuring (METRA)
electrical engines and generators
bearings (also special and nonstandarts ones), gaskets
ferrite, graphite material goods
Ecological program; water treatment plants and filters
Nuclear power plants
steam generators; boilers; pressure tank
pump; armature
high and low voltage cables /incl. telecommunications cables/; wire connections
Electrical networks
transformers; substations; switches; cutouts and other equipment
conductors /Cu, Al, Fe, FeAl/; insulators made of glass, ceramics or porcelain
meters of electricity comsumption; dual-rate clocks; security devices diesel-electric generators /6kVA – 720kVA/
relays; electronic devices; switchboards
tools for network repairing and maintenance
Water treatment
water treatment devices and plants; reactors; reservoirs
pipes including seamless ones; L-shaped joints; accessories
the whole range of SIGMA; a large range of pumps



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